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*FOR REFERENCE: GNLC Merlin (proven male)
DOB: Jun 18, 2006 (ILR #267549)
Parents: GNLC Prospero x GNLC Queenie

The epitome of the dual purpose llama, Merlin was a game changer. Strong, handsome and athletic, this gentle 430# giant stood 49” at the withers and was one of our strongest packers – a perfect example of our slogan “We Breed Beauty in the Beast.”

Hightower, a Merlin son, now stands as Great Northern’s leading herdsire.

Crocket, Scorcher, Fullturn, Sabrego, Rampart, Switchfoot, Fortunate Son, Divina, Minx, Platina and other Merlin offspring have carried his size, ideal conformation and sweet nature into some of the top herds and show rings in the U.S., making their own mark on the next generations.

Merlin & Sue merlin merlin and pack ilr


*FOR REFERENCE: GNLC Silvertone (herdsire)
DOB: May 26, 2000 (ILR #228145)
Parents: MCF Etol x GNLC Ninko

After distinguishing himself in the herds of Doug & Jamie Sharp, Colorado, and both Justin Timm and Sherry Tallmon of Oregon, Silvertone’s life and breeding career ended here on our ranch where it had begun 17 years before. Silvertone was our favorite son from MCF Etol, our magnificent “E-line” sire who had the same handsome tuxedo pattern. Silvertone’s dam is GNLC Ninko who is also the dam of GNLC Queenie in a line that locks height and athleticism into its offspring.

Silvertone was 47” at the withers.


Maddix ILR

*FOR REFERENCE: Maddix (herdsire)
Color: Black and White
DOB: Jul 11, 2004 (ILR #258458)
Parents: WSL Ekati x White Star's Escarlotta

Maddix is now owned by Brian & Lydia Cook, 4C Llama Ranch, Spooner, Wisconsin

Maddix ILR


*FOR REFERENCE: Sijama Ikandy (herdsire)
DOB: Oct 13, 2013 (ILR #286498)
Parents: GC'S Inca Legend x Sijama Zamora

We are grateful to Marilyn & Bob Wynia for sending Sijama Ikandy to us in spring 2017 and 2019 to breed to our Merlin and Hightower daughters. This amazing male stands 49.5” at the withers and 80” at the poll, and has the type, style and ingredients to greatly complement our herd. His dam, Sijama Zamora, is one we know well as she is also the dam of Sijama Zestie in our herd. Zestie nicked so well with Merlin that we bred them five years in a row and had a standout cria every time. In exchange, GNLC Hightower spent spring 2017 and 2019 at Sijama Llamas in Oregon. Hightower and Ikandy have a history going back to their early show careers when, at the Cascade Show, they competed against each other in a two-judge system in which they each received a Best of Show award. Thus began a friendly rivalry that has moved from the show ring to our breeding pastures.


GNLC Bella (adult female)
DOB: Jun 13, 2011 (ILR #283163)
Parents: GNLC Merlin x Ripcurl's Maggie Mae

Bella is our favorite Merlin daughter.
48” withers, 76” poll.

GNLC Axion – Male cria by CTF Renegade’s Vigilante born 6/26/21

Bella Bella ILR bella bella2 bella


GNLC Clarity (maiden female)
DOB: May 23, 2020 (ILR #294773)
Parents: CTF Renegade's Vigilante x Wild West Blu Moon

ILR clarity

curtain call

GNLC Curtain Call (bred female)
DOB: May 4, 2018 (ILR #292284)
Parents: GNLC Silvertone x GNLC Silver Lining

ILR curtain call


GNLC Epiphany (maiden female)
DOB: Jun 25, 2019 (ILR #293665)
Parents: GNLC Hightower x Sijama Allegria



GNLC Gimlet (maiden female)
DOB: Jun 8, 2020 (ILR #294771)
Parents: Sijama Ikandy x GNLC Pink Martini



GNLC Goose Bump (adult female)
DOB: Jun 17, 2015 (ILR #288990)
Parents: GNLC Hightower x GNLC Mags

45.5” withers, 72” poll
GNLC Amico – Male cria by GNLC Tesio born 6/7/21

Goose Bump ILR goose goose goose goose


GNLC Gracie (adult female)
DOB: Jun 29, 2012 (ILR #285181)
Parents: Maddix x Samina

48.25” withers
GNLC High Falutin’ – Female cria by GNLC Hightower born 6/12/21

Gracie ILR gracie gracie


GNLC Hijinx (adult female)
DOB: Jul 23, 2017 (ILR #291138)
Parents: GNLC Hightower x GNLC Shaneen

GNLC Cisco Kid – Male cria by CTF Renegade’s Vigilante born 5/27/21

hijinx hijinx M hijinx

Lady Luck ILR

GNLC Lady Luck (adult female)
DOB: Aug 4, 2007 (ILR #271938)
Parents: GNLC Santiago x GNLC Soul Shaker

45” withers

Lady Luck ILR


GNLC Mags (adult female)
DOB: Jun 10, 2012 (ILR #285179)
Parents: Maddix x Ripcurl's Maggie Mae

46” withers
GNLC Femina – Female cria by GNLC Hightower born 7/18/21

mags magsF mags mags


GNLC Maven (maiden female)
DOB: Apr 24, 2018 (ILR #292242)
Parents: Sijama Ikandy x GNLC Binjin



GNLC Pink Martini (adult female)
DOB: May 9, 2015 (ILR #288992)
Parents: GNLC Hightower x Ripcurl's Maggie May

48” withers, 76” poll
GNLC Campari – Male cria by GNLC Tesio born 6/13/21

shorn pink martini pink ilr pink pink pink pink

shaneen F

GNLC Shaneen (adult female)
DOB: May 22, 2012 (ILR #285175)
Parents: Maddix x GNLC Swingtime

47” withers, 74” poll
Female cria “GNLC Charlene” by GNLC Hightower born 5/29/21

Shaneen ILR shaneen shaneen F


GNLC Silver Lining (adult female)
DOB: Jul 2, 2006 (ILR #267572)
Parents: GNLC Dom x GNLC Lady Guinevere

45” withers, 72” poll
GNLC Barolo – Male cria by GNLC Brunello born 5/22/21

Silver Lining Silver Lining ILR silver lining M SL Curly Curly curly


GNLC Smitten (maiden female)
DOB: Jun 2, 2019 (ILR #293663)
Parents: CTF Renegade's Vigilante x Ripcurl's Maggie Mae



GNLC Tassels (maiden female)
DOB: Jun 26, 2020 (ILR #294770)
Parents: Sijama Ikandy x GNLC Mags



GNLC Trifecta (bred female)
DOB: May 19, 2018 (ILR #292388)
Parents: Sijama Ikandy x GNLC Divina

Trifecta ilr


GNLC Valentina (adult female)
DOB: May 15, 2011 (ILR #283158)
Parents: Maddix x GNLC Lady Luck

Valentina is 48” withers, 82” poll. Dam of our herdsire GNLC Brunello.

GNLC High Note – Female cria by GNLC Hightower born 5/28/21

Valentina ILR valentina valentina

maggie mae

Ripcurl's Maggie Mae (adult female)
DOB: Jul 21, 2002 (ILR #243818)
Parents: GNLC Ripcurl x Rebano Escondido 706

46.5” withers, 74” poll
GNLC Disco – Male cria by GNLC Brunello born 6/26/21

Maggie Mae ILR maggie mae 2006 maggie mae M maggie mae


Sijama Allegria ("Legs") (adult female)
DOB: Jun 1, 2004 (ILR #255309)
Parents: Sweet's Vindicator HO24 x Vavavoom

49” withers, 78” poll

“Legs” (below, the lead llama) on her first backcountry pack trip 2014.

GNLC Sozo – Male cria by GNLC Hightower born 7/8/21

Allegria ILR allegria packing legs legs allegria


Sijama Elustra (adult female)
DOB: Apr 2, 2016 (ILR #289535)
Parents: Sijama Zambelli x FPL Elektra

GNLC Mamma Mia – Female cria by GNLC Brunello born 6/22/21

ILR elustra elustra elustra F elustra elustra

BluMoon M

Wild West Blu Moon (adult female)
DOB: Jul 21, 2005 (ILR #264200)
Parents: Peruvian Patronis x Kookie's Lorna Doone

46” withers
GNLC Hipster – Male cria by GNLC Brunello born 6/7/21

BluMoon ILR BluMoon M

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