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“We breed beauty in the beast.”

llamas! llamas! llamas!

If it’s tall, beautiful, statuesque & strong . . .

(Above) This is GNLC Bella, our favorite Merlin daughter. Bella is 48” at the withers and 76” at the poll. She is one of four daughters of Maggie Mae that we have kept in our herd, and has all the great characteristics of the Merlin line. Bella is big, gentle and a wonderful mom with three daughters: GNLC Shangri-La, GNLC Fontina and GNLC Posh.

(Top left) GNLC Silver Lining, a daughter of GNLC Dom, is on the left. On the right is a GNLC Santiago daughter, GNLC Ashia.

. . . there’s a good chance its name starts with GNLC.

You’ll see the Rolfing’s GNLC herd identifier in just about every show-winners list, and Great Northern has produced three of the top five auction high bids beginning with Catman at the very first Celebrity Sale in 1989.

Steve originally bought llamas in 1979 to carry his timber cruising equipment in the forests of northwest Montana. True to their Andean heritage, Poncho, Doc and Snowman were such great trail companions and surefooted mountaineers that, in 1981, Steve began Great Northern Llama Co. to commercially guide outfitted llama pack trips in Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest.

Great Northern owes its breeding success to our commitment to produce big, beautiful, statuesque llamas in all fleece types, including silky and suri, that have enduring appeal to an everchanging market. To us, the ideal llama is one that can stand in the fanciest halter class one weekend, and carry our gear to camp the next weekend.

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