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Family Photo

The Rolfings & Greniers

Luke Rolfing peeking through the fence

Jamie & Sarah Rolfing smiling

Kate and Coco in pink hats

Eddie holding a fish

Our daughter Kate Rolfing Grenier and her family live next door to us. Eddie works for Amazon and their children, Coco and Theo, love helping and playing on the ranch. Kate is a designer for a popular line of witty, eye-candy magnets in recycled bottle caps.

Our son Jamie Rolfing and his family live a few minutes away in Kalispell. Jamie is in the Army National Guard and Sarah is a registered nurse specializing in restorative reproductive health ( Their son, Luke, is a joyful toddler.


Above: Kate, Coco & Theo in Montana’s Great Bear Wilderness

Below: Theo & GNLC Brunello

Right, top to bottom: Luke & GNLC Gracie, Jamie & Sarah, Coco & Kate, Eddie & fish

Theo riding a quad

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